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Oral Fluid Drug Testing

What Can Oral Fluid Tests Reveal?

The biological content of oral fluid is directly relational to blood plasma.

Therefore, if we detect drug metabolite in oral fluid, those metabolites are still present in the blood stream, indicating that the substance has recently been active in the body; so oral fluid is the choice matrix for ‘for-cause’ testing, but can also be used for random and pre-employment situations where you need to check someone is safe to enter site, or a hazardous environment.

Screening using our sophisticated range of oral fluid tests is less invasive than urine screening, and doesn’t require the same preparation.

Oral fluid is immune to attempts of adulteration, substitution or dilution of the sample; so as long as our best practice methods are adopted, oral fluid screening represents a straight forward and reliable means of screening for ‘impairment’ or recent use of drugs of abuse.

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Benefits of Oral Fluid Drug Testing

Easy to collect, any where

Less preparation than urine

Test up to 10 parameters

Minimally invasive collection

Gender neutral

Cost effective lab confirmation

Confirmation Service

If a test shows non-negative at screening stage, an oral fluid laboratory confirmation service is available to identify the exact metabolite or analyte present and give expert opinion for any action that needs to be taken. Simply take another two sets of samples using the oral fluid collection kit for laboratory analysis.

Oral Fluid Drug Test Parameters

*Parameters vary by test and may not all be available from the same product.