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RT-PCR Testing

In Clinic PCR Testing

You will visit a Your Health Results Clinic, a self-swab sample is collected from your throat and nose. The sample will undergo laboratory analysis that has a >98% accuracy rate at detecting an active COVID-19 coronavirus infection.

  • In-clinic throat & nasal swab test
  • Detects an active COVID-19 infection
  • UKAS registered
  • Includes travel certificate
  • High level of accuracy
  • Fast booking process

Your Health Results use UK Manufactured and MHRA (CTDA) approved testing kits


A supervised in-clinic throat and nasal swab analysed as a Nucleic Acid Amplification Test (NAAT RT-qPCR) resulting in a certificate being issued for a Negative result as and if required.

Results Within
24 hours, 3 hours, Midnight.

  • UKAS ISO accredited laboratory used
  • UK listed private test provider
  • Includes certification required for your destination and approved by all airlines
  • Fast booking process
  • Wide choice of high street clinics

In Clinic RT-PCR Test | Adult

Results within 24 Hours

Results by Midnight

Results within 3 Hours

In Clinic RT-PCR Test | Child

Results within 24 Hours

Results by Midnight

Results within 3 Hours

In Clinic RT-PCR Test | Adult & Child

Results within 24 Hours

Results by Midnight

Results within 3 Hours

In Clinic RT-PCR Test |

Same Day Appointment Results in 2 hours

Our simple process

Step 1

Book your appointment online on our booking system

Step 2

Arrive 5 minutes before your appointment

Step 3

Sample taken and analysed in laboratory

Step 4

Results & certificate provided within 24 hours

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the PCR test for?

To detect the whether you have SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus in your nose or throat

Is PCR and RT-PCR the same?

Broadly speaking yes, it is the method to test the samples. Our method of testing is RT-PCR which is the current standard for travelling. It is a further description of the sampling technique. We have not heard of anyone challenging the PCR method types

Do I need a test to travel abroad?

We advise you do your own research in-line with the guidelines of where you are travelling to. You can find lots of information on the UK’s government website. and .

Hong Kong, Barbados & Jersey

Our laboratory is UKAS registered, so we are pleased to be able to offer tests for travellers to Hong Kong and Jersey.

If you are travelling to a country which requires samples to be taken by a professional (e.g. Barbados) please call us before you book to discuss your requirements, so that we can ensure a clinician is available on the required date.

How quickly do I get my PCR results?

Your test will be securely transported by courier to the laboratory where it will be processed. Depending on the type of test you have booked, you will receive your results via email from 3am onwards the next day.

What is the Emergency PCR service?

We have very limited availability for the Emergency PCR Service. You will receive your results in most cases by 3am the next day, regardless of the time slot you were tested the previous day.

Do you analyse PCR tests 7 days per week?

The laboratory test swabs 7 days per week, however our clinics are only open 6 days per week for swabbing.

What if I test positive?

If you test positive you must follow the government guidelines.

What type of test is the PCR test?

It is a test that detects the RNA of coronavirus particles. This is why it is so sensitive and accurate. It does not rely on the body’s response to having been exposed to the virus previously, which can be variable. It tests for the presence of the coronavirus itself.

Is the PCR test accurate?

If there is any coronavirus on your swab it will definitely find it. However if it does not find coronavirus on your swab it does not necessarily mean you don’t have it. There is a small chance that the virus may be not be picked up by the swab depending on swabbing technique. Therefore, it is imperative the guidance and instructions are followed accurately.