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iron and ferritin test

Test for the detection of ferritin levels in whole blood samples

Iron is an essential metal for our bodies and is crucial for transporting oxygen in the blood, for cell multiplication and to build the structure of tissues and organs. However, in excessively high levels it is toxic for the body. For this reason, every one of us has a system for taking up iron from the external environment (e.g. via a diet rich in iron-containing foods) and storing it in cells in a way that is not excessive (and therefore not toxic). Ferritin is the protein responsible for this storage function. The level of ferritin is an excellent indicator of the amount of iron available to the body. Low levels of this protein in the blood are an indication of depleted iron stores, a condition that precedes the development of anaemia. A decrease can be caused by pregnancy, haemorrhages, alterations in iron uptake.

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